When we talk about healthy drinks, in old days every consumer use water as their drink. Which is more energizing, sufficient and providing the essential nutrients the body needs for working properly.

It is the only drink for millions of years on which all human being relied. After this with the advent of agriculture and the localization of animals another beverage was announced which is known as milk.

With the passage of time for taste and pleasure tea, coffee, beer and wine were consumed as for the juices. Later many sugary beverages like soda, energy drinks also sports drinks came into use.

All these compromise hydration but with a substantial quantity of excessive calories is not for the body. It will may increase the risk of many cardiac disease and also the cause of diabetes.

Furthermore, it also may confuse the consumer about the selection of best beverage for our body.

What are top 10 healthiest drinks to consume?

A health conscious consumer always choose the healthy drinks which will improve their health along with take care of their body. It will help them to feel great and stay energetic.

But it all depend on the selection of a healthy beverage. Here we have a list of health beverages which really boost a consumer health.

  • Water

Hydration for our body is very much important and the water is the best drink which properly hydrate our body rather than other sugary beverages. Water is the only drink which is the most healthy and natural beverage on the earth. Additionally dinking of sufficient water helps to avoid constipation and kidney stones.

  • Green tea

All of us very much familiar with green tea. It has many extraordinary properties in it which help our body allot. Green tea is the best beverage which prevent cancer, decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and also improve our artery function. Green tea is very much beneficial for diabetic patients.

  • Beet juice

Beet is a rich source of folic acid, nitrates and magnesium. It help to lower blood pressure and improve the flow of blood. Many research suggest that it’s an extraordinary fruit to increase your stamina before any workout or exercise.

  • Lemon water

Furthermore lemon is a powerful source of vitamin C. hence starting a day while drinking with lemon water will surprisingly improve your immune system. Lemon water is better in taste than plain water, it is also one more way to stay hydrated.

  • Coconut water

Sparkling coconut water is a powerful source of potassium which plays very important role in keep up a healthy heartbeat and normalize the blood pressure. This is also a healthy drink for hydrating the body.

  • Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate drink is rich in antioxidant, when we mix it with milk, its properties get double because milk is the great source of calcium and vitamin D.

  • Orange juice

Fresh orange juice is a great source of vitamin C and also the rich source of potassium, calcium and vitamin D.

  • Coffee

Coffee have extraordinary effects on human body. It help for boost your mood and improve the mental function.

  • Milk

We all very much familiar with milk. It is loaded with calcium, vitamin D and magnesium which are essential for bone.

  • Ginger tea

Ginger tea is very much beneficial for the digestive system and it also helpful ease in bloating.