What exactly is Obamacare?

The health care act which is signed by Barack Obama in 2010 known as Patient protection and health care act often called Obamacare. This law includes health care policies intended to extend health insurance coverage to millions of Americans. It is basically a health insurance program for uninsured Americans. Lower income families allowed for this type of program. This law is based on premium-tax credits and cost sharing reductions which help lower families for their monthly expenses. This plan includes the following properties which are as follows.

  • Ambulatory Patient services
  • Breast feeding
  • Emergency services
  • Family Planning
  • Hospitalization
  • Laboratory services
  • Mental Health and substance services
  • Pregnancy and maternity services
  • Prescriptions
  • Pediatric services
  • Prevention and wellness services
  • Rehabilitative and Hablitative

The original coverage of this program to include a tax penalty for those that did not purchase a health care program, this is known as individual mandate. When you enroll in a health insurance program, you typically pay a monthly premium to keep that plan. It helps through subsidies to keep burden free from lower income individual. These .subsidies are still in effect in 2020.It is effective to those who have following problems

  • Loss of job
  • Move to new area
  • Birth of child
  • Loss of existing coverage
  • Family event such as marriage, divorce or death.

If you don’t have an insurance and are not eligible for qualifying for event, then you may be enroll in a short term plan depending on the state where you live.

Is Obamacare still active?

At, present Obama care is still active, although its mandate of individual has been abolished since 2019.It means that there is no penalty for buying health insurance. When Donald trump has been elected in 2016, it is been under attack by that time. It has been survived by the total abolishment. It means that there is no penalty for buying ACA. The supreme court of USA will decide the fate of health insurance. Those who don’t buy the ACA would have to pay tax penalty. In 2017, Trump passed the tax bill, those who did not buy the insurance plan .It is still continues in 2020 such that there will no fine for those who didn’t buy insurance. .President Joe’s Biden victory over the current President Donald Trump may give good news about ACA program but the news is still awaited.

 IS Obamacare cheap or free?

 It is not free at all. Many People thought that it is, but it’s a misconception. All politicians used universal health care but it’s actually the compulsory mandate for everyone which they have to buy. It is a compulsory act. So everyone will get an affordable coverage. Secondly it’s a law that everyone have to follow. Employers only eligible to pay 60% of the premium. It only subsidized to those who are rightful to it properly. If you earn less than 450,000 dollars a year, then you are eligible to subsidy

How do I can get Obamacare?

There are four simple steps to get Obama care ACA. These are as follows

  • Find Out If You Want To Get Obamacare (When: Now)

The enrollment period of the ACA is 1 November to 15 December. You can compare plans and find how much subsidy will get you .Anyone can use local exchanges to local physicians, hospitals, nursing homes etc. But if you don’t have an insurance, it might be big problem for you like if you got broken leg, it will cost you $7500 .If your house hold income is $400 to $100 of the federal poverty level then the government will subsidize your income in the form of premium tax. There are three ways to get lower cost

  • Your plan was already existed before 23rd March 2010.Then you doesn’t have to worry about ACA benefits.
  • You are eligible for subsidy or free care.
  • Your company drops your insurance plan.
  • Compare Plans (When: Now)

If you have decided to take advantage of ACA, then go the health insurance market place. Then you will be promoted to enter the state because some of have their own marketplace.

You have create the account, using your and your email address. Then you have to answer the username, password and three security questions .After the registration, you will get a confirmation email to your personal email address to verify your account. Plans are divided into four categories suggested by the coverage. Some of the deductibles, premium and copays between the plans. Some of the plan in which you have to pay for plans in each category.

  • Bronze 40%
  • Silver 30%
  • Gold 20%
  • Platinum 10%.
  • Purchase the Plan You Want (When: November 1 – December 15)

From November 1, you can buy any plan, you want to. There are only five factors that will decide how much Obama care will cost you.

  • Type of plan
  • Your age
  • Your income
  • Family size
  • Your location
  • Coverage Begins (When: January 1)

Before your coverage can begin you must pay premium package for that. The deadline for this enrollment is 15th of December in a typical year.