Probiotics plays an important role in women body like keep the organs healthy. Maintain the gut health. It also prevents urinary infections .It boosts the immunity of women and many other which are as discussed below.


Human body connected us in different ways and probiotics plays an important role in human body. It interacts with the brain and lot of other organs. By eating healthy food you got a microbiome which treats lot of illness.


As we know that probiotics are used to treat gastric disease and functionally properly. Taking a probiotic could treat your illness. You don’t need to be take it every day if it’s working fine.


If you are facing urinary infections, by using probiotic, it can decrease the frequency in you are experiencing it. If it occurs microorganism help to subdue the symptoms.


Basically the probiotics is the immunity booster. It strengthen the immunity by consuming the foods you eat, converts it into working nutrients


Anti-biotic are good for helping in a fight with bacteria and if you over use them, it destroys the good bacteria also. Doctors also recommended that don’t take anti-biotic unless you need them.


Studies show that it prevent you from the diarrhea issues, when you are on travelling.

What is best probiotic for women?

 There are many probiotics available in market but there are some probiotics which is best for women which are as follows.

  • Culturelle Digestive Daily Probiotic Capsules

These capsules helps in digestion process, ease in bloating and diarrhea issues. It includes prebiotic inulin to support the gut microbiome. Company states that it is vegetarian free, gluten, milky and soy free.

  • Florastor Daily Probiotic Supplement

Florastor is a non-GMO and vegetarian. It has yeast which prevent prebiotic related and diarrheas issues. Company states that probiotic supplement will not interact with antibiotics and can help the break down undigested sugar and carbohydrates. It doesn’t require refrigeration.

  • Garden of Life Raw Probiotics Women

It contains a high bacteria of CFU of 85 billion and 33 different types of bacteria. It also contains vitamin’s C, D, E and many more.

  • Advanced Naturals Ultimate Floramax

 With a blend of different lactobacillus, advanced naturals has balanced combination of bacteria. Company states that it is vegetarian free, gluten, milky and soy free. It doesn’t require refrigeration.

Blue Biology ultimate care
With 61 billion strains of bacteria, it includes lactobacillus, bifidobacterium and s.boulardii. Company states that it is vegetarian free, gluten, milky and soy free. It doesn’t require refrigeration.

What are symptoms in which you need probiotic?
Digestive Irregularity
Improper digestion leads to need of probiotic supplements.90 % of the bacteria live in our colon. And most of our poop is made up of dead bacteria. Good quality of probiotic helps us to regulate blood regularly. It can reduce the symptoms of gas and bloating.

Sugar Cravings Are Out Of Control
It depend on the type of bacteria, which like fiber, the one with fruits and veggies and other plant based food. Some like white sugar and refined sugar.
Your gut needs bacteria for its nourishment.

Slow Metabolism
Your slow metabolism rate in your body are main symptom of that you need probiotic supplements for your body.

Antibiotic taken too long
Antibiotics are lifesaving step .As it kills of bad bacteria in your body also.

You’ve got some skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and itchy rashes

Your skin and gut may seem like far off body frameworks, yet they’re entirely connected. Examination has tracked down that the nature of your stomach related framework can appear straightforwardly on your skin! Stomach related aggravations have been connected to skin issues, and it’s our gut microbiome that adjusts our “gut-skin hub”. Clear sparkling skin is only one more result of an exquisite microbiome. Undeniably, our gut microbes assume a vital part in our wellbeing. Fulfill your gut with a combo of an incredible human-strain probiotic supplement and a fiber-rich eating routine.

Can a woman take too much probiotics? There are trillions of microorganisms previously living in our gut that are related with acceptable and terrible wellbeing. The hypothesis behind taking probiotics is that they may cultivate the development of sound microorganisms in the gut and further develop wellbeing, however research is as yet blended on the advantages. All things considered, in the conventional feeling of the word, you can’t “glut” on probiotics to where you endure hazardous incidental effects or demise. There haven’t been any records of such events, says Ashkan Farhadi, MD, MS, FACP, gastroenterologist, and head of Memorial Care Clinical Gathering’s Stomach related Sickness Place. Taking in excess of a typical portion — 1 to 10 billion state framing units (CFUs) — of probiotics doesn’t really mean better outcomes and, all things considered, might incite some somewhat awkward side effects. People at higher danger for unfriendly impacts, similar to contamination, of taking such a large number of probiotics are those with genuine ailments or debilitated safe frameworks, as per the Public Community for Corresponding and Integrative Wellbeing. On the off chance that you fall into both of those classes, counsel your primary care physician prior to taking probiotics