Superfoods are those foods which contain health nutrients which is healthy for human body.

What does superfood mean?

It means food which is good for weight loss, healing diseases, in general it means that the food which contains healthy nutrients for human body. For example vegetables, fruits like broccoli, salmon fish, blue berries and many more which is considered a standard person’s health. The term superfood originated from 20th century through a food marketing strategy. The company published the article named as “the food value of banana”. They suggested that how banana can affect your body and its benefits on your body. They further advertised that adding bananas in your breakfast, lunch and dinner increased your curiosity about foods. Furthermore, the importance of banana was published in many medical journals.

What are top 10 super foods?

There are many types of food available in the world which have different types of effect on the human body. Like fast food, junk food and super food (healthy food) but there are top 10 healthy foods which have great impact on your body. Following names with description are available.


Berries are naturally high in fiber and sweet in nature. Their rich colors means that they are the great source of antioxidants and have nutrients that have the ability to fight with any dangerous disease.


Fish is a great source of protein and fatty acids, which saves us from any cardiac disease. Fish with highest omega-3 fatty acid was tuna, salmon and many more.

Leafy Greens

Dark leafy greens are a great source of vitamin A, C and calcium as, also contains fiber sources. You can use them in your salads, soups and stews.


All types of nuts like walnuts, Hazelnuts and pecan are a great source of protein and fats, which helps us in fighting with various types of diseases like heart disease. You can used them in your salads and in your veggies.

Olive oil

Olive oil is also a great source of vitamin E and many other fatty acids which helps in reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Whole grain

Whole grain can be described as combination of many minerals and nutrients. It is low on cholesterol and protect against heart, diabetes and from many other diseases.


 Yogurt is a great source of calcium and protein. Yogurt contains substance called probiotics, it is a type of bacteria which protect us from other bacteria.

Cruciferous vegetables

These vegetable include Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard green, kale kohlrabi, mustard greens, radishes and turnips. These all are the great source of vitamin’s, nutrients, necessary body minerals, nitriles which prevent us from cancer.


This type of category includes different type of beans like soya beans, garbanzo beans and peas. They are the great source of fiber and plant protein. It’s been concluded that it prevent from many heart risks.


Tomato is high in vitamin C and lycopene which protect from prostate cancer. They can be used in different ways like in salads or in your pasta.

What are 3 foods not to eat?

There are many foods if you want keep yourself heathy and fine. It can be effected on your weight also.

  1. French Fries and potato chips

Potatoes are heathy and filling your fill but not French fries and potato chips. It include so much oil which very unhealthy for your body and soul. Oil can increase the risk of heart disease and make you fatty. It’s best to eat fine plain and fresh potatoes.

  • Sugary drinks

Sweet beverages like Coca-Cola can gain weight and its one of the bad drinks for your body. It is high in calories which makes your body unhealthy and fatty.

  • White Bread

When white bread is refined, it contains a lot of calories. Just two pieces of bread can increase your weight by 40% and obesity.

Do superfood powders really work?

Super food can be defined as the food available in grinded and powdered form. It can be made with the help of blender. Super food powder are used to make smoothies, drinks. It contain a lot of antioxidants and nutrients and can be easily added in your diet. Yes, it really works, some the super food powder are listed below.

Moringa Powder

Moringa tree is basically known as the miracle tree in the late centuries and had been used as an Ayurveda medicine. It contains inflammatory, detoxing properties which helps in treating mood disorders. It should not be taken with other medicines which lower the blood pressure.

Acai Powder

 It contains stellar amounts of antioxidants, omega-6, omega-9 foods and vitamin C. It fights with harmful radicals. There is no scientific evidence present that it stops the aging process. It is been found that it contains most highest caloric count than others.

Maca Powder

Maca powder basically used for energy boosting agent and it contains zinc, iron, copper and vitamin C. It helps in increase your stamina and regulate your hormonal imbalance. Due to its sweetness than other super food powders it widely used in smoothies and energy drinks. If you have any thyroid issue ,please don’t use it because it contains goitrogens which affect your thyroid function.