What is Obesity?

Obesity isn’t a simple diseases to be cared off but it’s a complex disease in which huge amount of body fat is involved. It’s not a cosmetic problem which can be solved but it increases the chance of occurrence of other diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and ischemic heart diseases etc. In general, people have a concept that it’s a kind of cosmetic and hence can be solved through different cosmetic solutions like liposuction, stomach binding or fat freezing etc. in reality, one should take obesity as a serious medical problem which should be addressed on priority basis. Starving is not the solution for this problem as it will harm your body more as compared to providing relief to your problem. In order to treat this problem, you are required to eat a healthy but reduced calorie diet and have regular sessions of exercise to tighten your body and skin. You can make a diet plan with the help of your GP or your dietitian so you can easily manage your meals and can address your problem.

What Causes Obesity?

Normally, obesity is caused by eating a lot of food along with having small amount of physical activity. It can be explained as if you take high amount of energy through food intake but don’t burn it through any kind of physical activity than that unconsumed energy will be started to get stored in your body in the form of fats. Ultimately, you will get starting symptoms of obesity on your body. Generally, there are 6 most common causes of obesity termed as

  • Small amount of physical activity
  • Overeating
  • High intake of Carbohydrates
  • Medications or steroids
  • Due to Chronic Diseases
  • Genetics

Above are the common causes of obesity due to which people get suffered from obesity. If you look at these causes one by one then starting from the less amount of physical activity is one of the major contributor in pushing a human being into obesity. It won’t only slow down the flexes human body but also dampens its fitness. Overeating and high intake of carbohydrates are at the next step of being a major cause of obesity. Similarly, some people have to take medicines and steroids which causes obesity and those medications are compulsory for their illness. Majority of those illness are chronic ones and people get those medicines for longer durations due to which they fell into the trap of obesity. Last but not the least reason of obesity is due to genetics. Your grandparents and parents have this problem and due to your genetics, it gets transferred to you as well.

How do we prevent obesity?

It’s not a rocket science that one can’t do. In order to prevent obesity, there are some prevention tricks that you must add into your daily routine and you will be remain successful in keeping yourself away from obesity. First of all you should try to eat more servings of vegetables and fruits in order fulfill your dietary nutrition so that you don’t get weak. Next, try to consume small amount of processed food and sugary food. The more you follow this point, the more you can easily keep yourself away from obesity. You should focus on eating dietary fiber instead high calorie fiber. By eating, low glycemic index food, you can easily manage your body mass index and hence can keep your body in a good shape through healthy means. Along with exercise, you can engage yourself in different aerobic activities in order to have a change in your daily physical activity routine.  Lili Barouch, a cardiologist, has said that obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases in a human body but by cutting calories and increasing physical activities, impact of these dangers can be reduced down significantly.

What are negative impact of obesity?

There are many negative impact of obesity or consequences of having obesity that can be enlisted but only common are being listed below.

  • Hypertension or high blood pressure is the primary cause of having obesity.
  • High/Low HDL/LDL Cholesterol or Dyslipidemia along with Diabetes issue
  • Stroke and ischemic heart diseases

Above are the common consequences of having obesity. In a latest research, persons suffering from severe obesity, their life expectancy is reduced by 20 years in male and 5 years in female.

Can obesity is reversible? Yes, the simple and clear answer to the above question is in positive. All you have to do is to do a modest weigh loss but significant one as compared to your total weight and all the medical problems related to obesity can be prevented. The main aim of getting rid of obesity is to keep the medical problems related to obesity away from you. You can lose your weight by increasing your physical activities either by increasing the exercise or by indulging yourself regularly in Yoga activities. Other than this, prescribed herbal or allopathic weight loss medicines and speedy procedures can be adopted to reduce your obesity. All you have to do is to do commitment with yourself of losing weight by either means and you will get your required results in short span of life