What is stress?

When our body reacts to an emotional pressure caused by any external source then that pressure is known as Stress. It is often caused by something that is unexpected or something very unusual that feels like we have a very little control on circumstances. It’s a kind of threat that mainly dampens our sense of self belief. There are different scenarios which looks like normal routine for a human being but for other people, those circumstances are creating jolts in his emotional situations. It can be any kind of thought or event that make you feel like helpless or sometimes frustrated or angry. It can be in positive way too like in some situations it helps you to avoid yourself from dangers that you were assuming or sensing in your mind.

What are 4 prompt emotional signs of stress?

There are many prompt emotional signs of stress but few are vibrant and are readily detectable by your own self.

  • Depression or Anxiety; From emotional point of view, first of all, you may feel both symptoms in yourself. People going from stress phase may it by depression in first instance.  They may be having difficulty in sleeping or may be some of them take long naps during stress phase. It totally depends upon the nature of human behavior that how a specific person deals with the stress.
  • Directionless thoughts and unfocused behavior is another prompt symptom that you may suffer during this critical periods.
  • Restlessness and Anger is also a prompt sign that make you realize that you are going through stress. It would also make a significant impact on your emotional side during stress phase.
  • All these above emotional disorders would ultimately lead you towards bad decision making due to which you may suffer in your daily life.

How does stress affect the body?

  • If we talk about impact of stress on your body then the major impact that it would create and pounce on your body is downfall of your energy level. During stress situations, your energy levels drop significantly.
  • The next thing that you may observe is headache. You may have headaches throughout the day or at different intervals of the day. The intensity of this pain may vary to situation to situation and person to person.
  • Diarrhea and nausea are other prominent symptoms that you may observe during stress period.
  • Other significant impact creating symptoms may include Aches and stiff muscles along with insomnia episodes.
  • The vibrant and most dangerous symptom is chest pain and increase of heart beat. If you sense the last symptom then definitely you are going through serious problem and you have to cut out your stress issue immediately either by hook or crook. If you are suffering from any chronic disease then stress would obviously add fuel to the intensity of that disease deadliness.

Can stress make you sick?

If you are looking for a straight forward answer; then the answer is in positive node; anything that creates a lot of pressure not only on your mind but on you physical body will make you sick. It depends upon your handling of situation that how you are going to handle the stress without disturbing your daily routine life. Daily routine life includes your family and professional lives both at the same time. You can’t pretend that your family life is going okay but due to stress, your professional life is suffering or vice versa. Your emotions would drag you into that pressurized situation sooner or later if you don’t take remedies to cut that pressure off your mind.it won’t only make you sick but it would have a severe impact on your physique too.

What are Three Stages of Stress?

According to General Adaption Syndrome commonly known as GAS, there are three stages of stress. GAS is developed by Hans Selye and it basically describes the patterns of responses which a human body may give during a stress phase. According to GAS, the three stages of stress are

  • Alarm
  • Resistance
  • Exhaustion

Stages of the General Adaptation SyndromeStages of the General Adaptation Syndrome

In the first stage, the human body fights with stress occurring situations or at least try to fight with those circumstances which are the reason of stress. If this stage continue and body wouldn’t able to handle the stress than second phase comes in. in the second phase of stress, human body boast up its metabolic level and try to keep the body activated in an effort to off-set the stress situation. Obviously, this situation won’t sustain for long period of time as available resources of human body get depleted with the passage of time. Eventually, the third stage comes in as continuous exposure of human body to the stress phase would deplete all its resources and body started to going through wear and tear process. This situation would trigger many health issues that could cause significant impact on your human body. So, in order to keep yourself distant from such kind of situations, you have to take proper measures to manage your stress levels.

How to manage stress?

Managing your stress is not an easy task but believe me it’s not something which any human being can’t do. Only you have to do is to recollect your will power and a little balance to your life.

  • First of all, you have to develop a balance in your life. You have to add some social activities in your daily routine along with your study or work schedule. You have to give significant time to your family so that you can open up with them and can exchange your thoughts with them, although not completely but to some comfortable extent.
  • You have to add exercise to your daily routine as this is one of the best way to keep stress away from you. Either it’s for few minutes but you have to convince or in worse scenario, you have to force yourself to do daily exercise.
  • You have to manage your responsibilities and try to give significant time to your commitments.
  • You should try to eat healthy and energetic food. Try to keep yourself away from junk food or any kind of unhealthy food. Reduce the amount of caffeine from your daily food intake as much as you can. Try to include fruits and organic food supplements in your daily diet.
  • If you have a hobby then start giving it a proper time in your daily routine. If you don’t have a hobby then figure out your passion and try to expose that passion in your daily life.it would help you in focusing on your own self.
  • After your daily routine, your body requires a proper sleep so you have to get at-least seven hour of sleep in twenty four hours.

All above are long term remedies to get rid of stress but for immediate relief, you should go for a walk or listen to some peaceful music. You can take deep breathes not haphazardly but calmly and slowly. It will help you out in reducing your blood pressure immediately. You can stretch out yourself in order to divert your focus from stressful event. In short, there are many stress relieving activities that you can do to get immediate relief but in order to get long term cure, you have to manage yourself and your daily routine.