In India, the cosmetics industry has experienced rapid growth over the past decade. It isn’t being stimulated only by one factor. There are many. Most important is the increasing awareness and acceptance of natural and vegan ayurvedic products. The mainstream cosmetics products of Indian and international brands have been dominating the market for many years. But, natural products are becoming increasingly popular. Modern consumers love natural ingredients because they have no side effects and can correct skin imbalances.

People are becoming more aware of the dangers associated with cosmetics from big brands. They look for brands that use natural ingredients to make their products. You can quickly see that searches such as natural skincare lotion online, natural cleanser online, natural skin wash for glowing complexion, etc., are on the rise if you spend time analysing the trends and Google search terms.

Natural has been around for more than a decade. Vegan is the latest growth term. It isn’t enough to be natural. This is a crucial question.

Somebody looking to buy a skin-brightening face wash searches for terms like – natural face wash for glowing skin. Today’s queries are prefixed by terms such as natural, vegan, all -natural, organic, and ayurvedic. This is not the end. The number of brands in this segment is growing every month, as you can see. Alarmingly, everyone is claiming that their products can be natural, ayurvedic, and vegan. This is where PETA’s cruelty free certification plays a key role.

Next is how a brand sources its ingredients. It is not enough to say that all ingredients are natural and ayurvedic. Does the brand have an ethical approach? These things may seem minor but consumers today care about them. These are the key distinguishing factors that consumers use to determine whether a brand’s quality is good or not.

As the number of brands increases and consumers are presented with a lot of choices, it is important to know the story behind each brand. This includes how they source ingredients and make their products. It is also crucial to understand how the brand views the environment and is responsible for the society in which it is located. Today’s consumers don’t just buy products; they also buy stories. This is true to a greater degree in the cosmetics sector.

It is surprising that this trend has been so slow to emerge. India is known for being the home of Ayurveda, a natural system of healing that has been at its core. Natural ingredients have been around for a long time, but cosmetics seemed to limit them to the luxury market. It begs the question, if all natural ingredients required are sourced only from India, then why isn’t it more affordable? It’s possible, thanks to several brands.

It is important to remember that USPs should not only be determined by the product’s price. It is important to ensure that the quality of ingredients is not compromised. Ironically, many brands do this when products are so cheap that authenticity is easily questioned. So now, if you looking to buy say – a natural cleanser , make sure to take note of all the best factors mentioned above. What are the sources of the ingredients? What is the manufacturing process? Is the brand responsible for social responsibility? What about the price? Is it too cheap? It is possible to buy junks. What Cause Erection Problem at 50 in the United States.